Welcome to the news page! Here is the daily dose of the Wilkinson Lab updates.

  • June 12,2020

    Great talk by our very own Dr.Wilkinson at the College of Science virtual seminar about the ongoing research at our lab!

    Check out Ian Waterman’s documentary that is referenced in her talk :

  • May 28,2020

    Congratulations to Apoorva, Enoch, Sarah, Nikola, Amin, Solomon, Tyler, and Romeria on graduating!

  • May 15, 2020

    Zoom Team Lab Meetings is the new normal. Despite not being able to be together during this pandemic, we can still work as a team via Zoom !

  • Jan 17, 2020

    Great start to a new year! Alexandra, Enoch , Sai and Apoorva presented at CSUPERB 2020

  • Dec 20, 2020

    Congratulations to Steven on graduating! Goodluck venturing in the corporate world!

  • Nov 16, 2019

    Congratulations to Alexandra on presenting at 2019 ABRCMS. We are proud of you!

  • Oct 31, 2019

    We won the department Halloween 2019 contest! Yay team Wilkinson lab!

  • Oct 21, 2019

    Apoorva got to present her poster ‘Development of an optogenetic tool to recruit gamma motor neurons’ at Society for Neuroscience 2019. Quite the traffic at the poster!

  • June 3, 2019

    Our lab was featured in the Washington Square blog post. So honored!

    Do check out the post :

  • May 1, 2019

    Congratulations to Apoorva for winning the Grad Slam Audience Choice award!

    Check out her talk :

  • Sept 5, 2013

    SJSU MARC Program & the Wilkinson Lab visited by Congressman Mike Honda

    Check out the blog: