List of Publications

K. Than#, E. Kim#, C. Navarro#, S. Chu*, N. Klier*, A. Occiano*, S. Ortiz*, A. Salazar*, S.R. Valdespino*, N.K. Villegas*, K.A. Wilkinson* (2021). Vesicle-Released Glutamate is Necessary to Maintain Muscle Spindle Afferent Excitability but Not Dynamic Sensitivity in Adult Mice. J Physiol, First published 3/22/21.

            Accompanying Perspectives Article: G.S. Bewick & R.W. Banks (2021). Spindles are doin’ it for themselves: Glutamatergic autoexcitation in muscle spindles. J Physiol, First published 4/19/21.

  • G.L. Nguyen#, S. Putnam#, M. Haile*, Z. Raza*, M. Bremer., & K.A. Wilkinson (2019). Diet‐induced obesity decreases rate‐dependent depression in the Hoffmann’s reflex in adult mice. Physiological reports, 7(20), e14271. PMC6818099.
  • L. Gerwin, C. Haupt, K. A. Wilkinson, and S. Kröger. (2019). Acetylcholine receptors in the equatorial region of intrafusal muscle fibers modulate mouse muscle spindle sensitivity. J Physiol, 597: 1993-2006. PMC6441882.
  • D. Zaytseva*, A. Allawala*, J.A. Franco*, S. Putnam#, A. M. Abtahie*, N. Bubalo*, C.R. Criddle*, T.A. Nguyen#, P. Nguyen*, S. Padmanabhan*, P. Sanghera*, T. Abramson, M. Bremer, K.A. Wilkinson. (2018) Lipopolysaccharide‐induced inflammation does not alter muscle spindle afferent mechanosensation or sensory integration in the spinal cord of adult mice. Physiological Reports 6 (17), 2018, e13812,
  • L.S. Elahi#, K.N. Shamai#, A. M. Abtahie*, A.M. Cai*, S. Padmanabhan*, M. Bremer, K.A. Wilkinson. (2018) Diet induced obesity alters muscle spindle afferent function in adult mice. PLoS ONE 13(5): e0196832.

*Denotes undergraduate research       #Denotes masters student researcher

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