Lab Member Highlights

Apporva Finalist

Master’s student Apoorva Karekal’s presentation on the Development of an Optogenetic Method to Stimulate Gamma Motor Neurons in vitro. As a team leader for the Optogenetic Team in the Wilkinson Lab, as well as a key laboratory organizer, Apoorva provides great progression in the development of laboratory experiment conduct and analysis of data. Apoorva is also a very busy Master’s student here at San Jose State University, pushing the boundaries of  physiology research under the advising of Dr. Wilkinson. As an award-winning student, Apoorva continues to enhance the lab’s ability to make diligent progress while teaching undergraduate students about her post-baccalaureate journey.

Apoorva Grad Slam

Apoorva was selected as the SJSU Grad Slam Audience Choice Winner and received a check as a prize.


New Interdisciplinary Science Building Display

Alex Salazar is pictured using our in vitro set up (left) in the laboratory.

Our lab member Alex is proud to be displayed on this banner in front of the construction site for the new innovative Interdisplinary Science Building at San Jose State University, a project planned on being completed Spring 2022. This new building is set to have new technology to conduct Fire Weather research, a field that is critical to California.

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