Online Graduation: Spring 2020

Congratulations Apoorva, Enoch, Sarah, Nikola, Amin, Solomon, Tyler, and Romeria! We will miss you all and hope you come back to visit whenever you can! Remember to continue working hard as you enter the real world with your college degree. Our lab wishes the absolute best to our graduates as they celebrate their graduation viaContinue reading “Online Graduation: Spring 2020”


As an opportunity to network and become prepared for a career post-graduation, members in the lab, many of which are concurrently in the RISE, MARC, or RUMBA program, attend the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) to learn more about current scientific research, scientists, leaders, and more. This conference is a great opportunityContinue reading “Conferences”

Lab Member Highlights

Master’s student Apoorva Karekal’s presentation on the Development of an Optogenetic Method to Stimulate Gamma Motor Neurons in vitro. As a team leader for the Optogenetic Team in the Wilkinson Lab, as well as a key laboratory organizer, Apoorva provides great progression in the development of laboratory experiment conduct and analysis of data. Apoorva isContinue reading “Lab Member Highlights”