As an opportunity to network and become prepared for a career post-graduation, members in the lab, many of which are concurrently in the RISE, MARC, or RUMBA program, attend the Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) to learn more about current scientific research, scientists, leaders, and more. This conference is a great opportunity to meet representatives from the top graduate schools across the country and learn about their summer program opportunities. Students who attend ABRCMS are also able to present their research, just as many students from across the country do to represent their lab’s contributions to research at this inspiring conference.

Notably, for the 2019 ABRCMS, our very own Alexandra Salazar was able to present an oral presentation showcasing her most recent work in our laboratory. We are proud to have showcased our labs findings through Alexandra’s excellent work. (Left)

Additionally, as a summer guest lab member from CSU-Northridge and RUMBA member, we saw Kayla present her research on what she learned in our lab on the right. (Right)

Practice Makes Perfect!

Here is Alexandra Salazar preparing to deliver her oral presentation to the lab, a presentation which she will be presenting in the ABRCMS Oral Presentation category in Anaheim, California in a few weeks!

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